Can you see me? Looking for feminism - Zine

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So I created a Zine about a topic that I am passionate about and a topic that I see as misunderstood in mainstream society. Yes, even today it is hitting the news, being neglected, misinterpreted and denied.


My 16 page, full colour Zine was created along side my students as they worked on theirs. I wanted to share with them the beauty of Self Publishing. Personally, I wanted to learn more about Modern Feminism, practice my hand lettering and illustration. My Zine has two mini posters included, just in case you wanted to use them to show your support for the ladies (and men - feminism includes and benefits you too!)

Click on the link below to get your own copy sent to you mailbox. 

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I also created a Mini accordion fold book around the TV series Twin Peaks. Mainly becasue I was binge watching it at the time but also to practice my handlettering and illustration. Let's behonest, Twin peaks has the best quotes to use. The accodian fold allows two sides so one side I used Typography and the other I used Illustration.

Definitely not perfect but great fun (also a great example for students on Typography and theme development/interpretation).

I've heard Twin Peaks is making a resurrection - fingers crossed.

Back to the creative life

1:11:00 PM
*Final Picture 

Last year, after completing the "Draw through December" challenge, something funny happened.

I got my confidence back. It clicked and I drew my heart out. Liberating.

Recently I ordered a new bed from a local maker. I changed the layout of the bedroom and suddenly there was a huge gaping hole just begging for an art work. Thus began the kick up the butt I needed to complete this work, My beautiful horse.

I bought some nice pens and some lovely think paper and started sketching it out. It just worked. A technique that I had been teaching the students but hadn't revisited myself. Good old basic lines, dots and cross hatching.

I was working towards a deadline of an upcoming exhibition but I still could not work fast enough. Unexpectedly and completely time consuming. Two weeks and many, many, many hours I got it finished enough for display but ran out of time for the framing.

I am currently waiting for a big scanning machine to get fixed in town and then I will have prints of these available. I'll be keeping the original for myself, framed and above my bed.

I want to do more of these. I'm on the hunt for my next subject to pour some passion into.

This photo is in situ at the exhibition.

*In progress

Freddie Mercury Amigurumi - Free Pattern

12:52:00 PM

I was thrilled to run across this free pattern on the interwebs provided by Moji Moji Designs. The pattern is a free printable and is quite easy to follow if you know your crochet. So generous to provide such a great pattern for free. You can also stalk her on Instagram if you so desire.
The Freddie Mercury Amigurumi did take me quite sometime to finish but that was more due to the time of year and having to follow a pattern rather than free form crochet.

I just adore the outcome - his yellow jacket - his ears - his tiny tash -his tuft of man hair and stripes on his trousers and shoes.

I do recommend keeping this doll to yourself and away from little hands - the whiteness of the doll makes it for easy staining - especially if the little hands have been eating BBQ shapes and those awful red dots prior to the touching - just saying.

Next amigurumi project will be Frank Furter. I haven't been able to fins a pattern I like yet so I think I will be winging the next doll, so exciting, and hopefully a hell of a lot faster.

Draw Through Sixteen

3:55:00 PM

So draw through December 2015 is over but I would love to invite you to join in with #drawthroughsixteen. It is not too late to start. I am playing catch up as well.

It's as simple as one drawing a week through the year of 2016. Use the prompts to inspire you. Add your work to you favorite social media to keep you accountable or to simply share in the fun. If you don't want to do the social/public thing that's OK too. 

I can't tell you how much I need the #drawthroughdecember  (see the below post). I totally bounced on the prompts to inspire me, to draw without thinking and to get back into the traditional arts that I had been neglecting for years. It's been a bit like writers block for me - wanting to create but not knowing where to start.

With draw through sixteen I want to work on my journal skills but I also want to work on my illustration and typography work. I'll show you my start of Draw Through Sixteen

Week 1: Wild
This piece I first used a background scraping of gold and gesso to create some texture. I had been saving this circle from a dictionary illustration. I used it as my inspiration for the final drawing. I used pencil, paint and watercolour to finish it off.

I would have liked to add more layers to the final picture but I ran out of time and then moved on.
Week 2: Can you see me.

Completed in my square moleskine I first worked up a grid to center the typography. I worked on getting the letters flowing before I added the plant background. I wanted to lay the words amongst the foliage so I bought one of the leaves in front of the word so it was hiding (Can you see me?).

The foliage was then weaved in behind and around the wording. I used an old illustration for inspiration but made the design to fit in around the design and balance the composition. Lastly I used a fine liner before I rubbed out the pencil marks. I filled in the design with sepia water colour and using the botanical idea of no background shading, just shading on the plant itself.

I would love for someone to want this design reworked to fit their new logo...just sayin.

Draw Through December

4:49:00 PM
I joined in (and completed) this drawing challenge in December.
It was extremely fabulous to have a prompt to guide you and a group of fellow sketching types to play along with (not to mention the extra push to keep up).
I didn't know how much I needed this....to boost my confidence and reinvigorate with pens, paper and paints. It was the best.

The challenge:

For full descriptions of each drawing please have a look at my insta account ....rockmyroll. See all the other contributors by typing in the hashtag #drawthroughdecember.

There is also a 2016 drawing experience that has just started. It's not too late to join in. It's also a little easier as it is only one per week. The hash tag is #drawthroughsixteen . I'm playing catch up as well so defiantly not too late!

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