Where The Wild Things Are - Cake - Tutorial

I'm not much of a fan of making fancy cakes. I get that it a very creative business but it doesn't appeal to me becasue of the time it take to make the damn things.

However - never fear - this tutorial for making a Where The Wild Things Are cake is super easy... I promise. 

Firstly, you must make the base cakes the day before you want to ice them. To me, this means three days before the party as I don't want to ice it on the day of the party. I use a small shallow tin, sorry I have no idea of the size, all I know is one batch fills two tins.

I made two chocolate cakes (one batch) and one (1/2 a batch) vanilla. I layered them chocolate, vanilla, chocolate and used vanilla icing in between the layers. Obviously you could cut them in half and create more layers if you choose and add whipped cream instead of the icing layer filling. My kid hates cream so icing it was.

With the vanilla icing I made a round (but organic shaped) circle on the top. I then coated the rest of the cake in chocolate icing, putting a lip over the top to create the illusion of a bark edge. I dipped a skewer into the chocolate icing and drew on some age rings to make the top of the cake look more log like.

For the outside chocolate bark I found this pin:

The chocolate bark on the outside of my cake I used this baking paper and melted chocolate rolled up idea. It gave the melted chocolate a lovely curl. However I did exclude the re-coating of the bark in more chocolate, or icing, whatever they used here.  Lastly I found some little lady bugs and added them as details upon the birthdays girls request.

See ...not too hard - right?

Table extras : I used hessian for the tablecloth, wooden forks and spoons for cutlery, a lovely wooden copping board made by a local man for under the cake and other foodie bits. For the rest of the bowls/serving dishes I used blue and white vintage enamel wear.

If you follow the pin link above you will find loads more ideas for creating your very own Where the Wild Things Are party. Some of my favorites are the masks and the Pin the Tail on Max game. None of which we needed.

For some free Where the Wild Things Are invitation printables I made you can follow this link.

Enjoy x

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