DIY Plastic Shopping Bag Holder - Tutorial

I think it's fantastic that we all take our own bags to the supermarkets these days. What I do not think is fantastic is all the bought plastic bags littering the boot of my car because I have forgotten to take them in. I keep a couple in my handbag made from thrifted pillowcases which fold up easily but they wont cover a big shop.

So I got about making a plastic shopping bag holder and I thought I would share it with you all as a little tutorial. You can make one with limited equipment in less than half an hour.

What you need:
  • Bias Binding ( I am using some I handmade but you can use commercial binding as well)
  • Gripper Studs or Press Studs

Step 1
Cut two pieces of binding 110cm long (seen here in pink and blue) and one piece of binding 44 cm long (seen here in green/yellow). As you can see I have used contrasting colours for all three of my bits. If you were using the same colour for all bits you could cut the first two pieces as one long 220cm length folded in half and skip the next step.

Step 2
With right sides facing, sew together the two long pieces on one end. With the short piece, fold it in half vertical and sew down the entire length. Fold one end in to hide the cut edge.

Step 3
Fold long piece in half with the wrong sides together. Begin sewing the two pieces together at the folded end. Keep the sewing line right near the edge. When you reach the end place the short piece of binding in between the two layers and sew along the short end and then back down the other side.

Step 4
Ignore the short binding piece and fold the long piece in half to find the center. Every 7.5cm hammer a gripper stud or sew on press studs along the length till you reach the end. On the short binding piece place one half of the stud at the start and the opposite matching stud at the end.

Congratulations! You're done!

Roll up some bags and place them between each stud point. You can store seven plastic bags in each carrier. You can use the short binding piece in two ways. You can make a loop to hang the carrier in your pantry or roll up the whole carrier into a spiral and wrap the small binding piece around the whole roll to secure them in a bunch.

Beats them laying around in the car boot that's for sure.

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