Hottest 100 - Taylor Swift - I can't even...!!!



PLEASE!!! Do not ruin this for me. 

Isn't it enough that you right wing voters have ruined the country by bringing in a government that is abolishing many Australian institutions?? I NEED this you little commercial radio listening shits! 


It is just that you DO NOT GET IT. 

Triple J's Hottest 100 is an Australian institution that is so close to my heart. It is so deeply entrenched in what I do on Australia Day and who I am as an Australian music listener. Please just leave me this ONE thing! Why do you want to ruin the last decent Australian thing I have left?

Yesterday I saw three separate social media post calling for Taylor Swift to be included in Triple J's Hottest 100. 


I have been listening to the J's since I was in high school. I was an original grunge teen (pre-evolution of the Hipster) but I listened to the J's for the huge variety of music that only it can offer a small town girl with a mind searching for more from the world than the pathetic commercial radio stations have to offer. I still can't stand the ROWWAAARRRR death metal music they sometimes play but this is part of the offerings and I accept it. I also accept that the more commercial crossover music (that ALWAYS appeared on Triple J first) would place high and if not win the Hottest 100 for the year. However I also knew that Triple J would stop playing said commercial crossover tracks the moment they become 'popular' because the inevitable over playing and killing of said music would soon become an equation. See.... ruined by commercial radio example number 1.

Triple J does immense things for the Australian music industry. Where are all the commercial stations playing home grown music and exposing new talents? This alone should be enough to leave Triple J alone from the so called music lovers (I spit in your general direction!).

I admit it. I have shaked shaked shaked my booty to the song whilst washing up, it is catchy ... I get it I honestly do. BUT ...Taylor Swift!!! In the Hottest 100!!
It. is. not. funny.

I saw opinions along the lines of 'but she's popular this year and a commercial song always wins' and 'lets piss the hipsters off and make it a thing(Tee hee hashtag!)' and 'but it's music so I don't see the big deal' and 'Kanye was in past Hottest 100s so what are they complaining about?'....

Well let me tell you! It IS (!!!) a big deal!!! She does not belong there. If you do not get what this means to the likes of an avid 20 year listener then you need to back. the. fudge. up.

And by the way... Kanye was way more alternative before he declared himself a god and married a Kardashian... he belonged there at the time...and well before the grubby commercial music people got their hands on him. See how they ruin it for everyone? SEE!!

And!!! Taylor Swift is a)Not Australian and b)Only ever been played on the station by the Like a Version segment. She does not get played there.

Leave it alone. Don't you people have enough already? Why do you have to ruin everything for me? Get your own Hottest 100 (said in a sing-song primary school voice). I just want this one thing. A natural selection of a variety of music collected via the worlds biggest music poll from people that enjoy a large variety of music. I don't want it to be a hash tag. I do not want it to be funny, stop taking the piss already. I want it to be authentic. If you do not get what the Hottest 100 is about then do not even go there.

Triple J's Hottest 100 has often been afflicted with the parody song, the joke song or the 'lets make up a pretend metal band' song. But they are always placed in their rightful position of further down the charts. We all have a good laugh and then get on with the rest of the count down. I fear that if this thing takes off Miss Swift will make Number 1 just out of spite from Them.

Please do not do this. I cannot shake it off. It will not represent the true feel for the year, and that is what the countdown offers to me. It encapsulates a mood, a feel, a vibe (aka The Castle) that expresses the year in musical terms. I would hate to have my music mood smashed by a joke hashtag. 

I beg of you all to play nice with your votes. 

This is very serious business.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.