Growing Philosophy

It doesn't matter if you believe we evolved from millions of years of happy accidents or we were created from a divine being. The point is you are here. At this time, in this place you are a conscious being with thoughts, ability and good fortune. How lucky is that?

Just think how lucky you are to be in your body, aware of the present and capable of so many good things.

I believe we should grow everyday. Contribute to those around you regularly and learn. Learn from your mistakes, and we will all make many mistakes, we will all live with regret. There will be things you cannot change.

Tomorrow you could be better than today. A little at a time you will become a better person. You will valued by other people and contribute to the happiness of yourself and others. 


Don't live in the past. It is gone and cannot be changed. All you can do is start with today. Acknowledge the worst with an apology but move on. Try not to cringe at the real bad bits.

It doesn't matter if you stay at home with your kids all day, you are adding to their happiness. It doesn't matter if you work in retail, you can add to peoples happiness. Being anything but your best everyday can alter the happiness of yourself and the people you come in contact with.

Tread lightly. Tread lightly upon other peoples feelings, upon your own feelings and upon the Earth. Be nice to yourself.

Tread lightly upon those that think and live different to you. They have chosen their path and that should be good enough for you. It will not effect your life.

Forgive those that hurt you. Your childhood does not define your future. Your job does not define you. Other peoples attitudes will not define you or your future. You will define your future and I don't know of any life that was made better by giving back hurt....not yours and certainly not thiers.

Grow. Learn something new each day. Learn how to spell a word correctly, how to cook something different or  how to make something for a friend. Grow your own food and contribute to your health with organic produce, a healthy life choice and time spent reflecting with your hands in the dirt. Grow positive thoughts, it will grow your mind and reflect in your happiness.

Use the internet for good and not evil. You have a wealth of knowledge at your finger tips. Do not be a troll, do not be a small screen warrior. Your opinion will be reflected upon by others but don't enforce it on them. Your thoughts matter so make them nice ones. Anger, frustration and hate are negative states of mind that will effect your life more than those you spew it onto.

You cannot blame anyone but yourself for your state of mind. If you feel depressed then seek help. If you see someone that needs help, help them. Grow your happiness and help others grow theirs. You will not improve your life by wallowing and not seeking out your personal best. If you are not happy then how can those around you be happy in your presence. Let other people be kind to you and be kind to yourself. 

Stop looking in the mirror. Stop evaluating others. It will do no good. As an individual be proud of your differences and remember the little eyes watching you do these things. This is how they learn how to judge themselves and treat others. Grow yourself so you can grow the little ones. Grow yourself better than your parents and let the little ones grow beyond you.

Look at the other side of an opinion, situation or argument. Will it hurt? No... but it may enlighten you. It may grow you.

At this time of year it is important that we are kind to ourselves and kind to those around us. There are opportunities everyday in which to grow. Do not be someones poison today as it will only be your poison tomorrow.

Turn off the news. It will bring no good news.

Laugh. It feels good. Do it loudly, it feels better.

Spend time with people who will not compete with you but will grow you in a positive way. Speak gently to those that do not feel the same way as you. It is okay to think the way you do but remember that how you think was influenced by so many factors in your life, you do not know the factors that made others the way they are.

Be good to yourself this time of year. Look after others. How can this simple philosophy, so simple in its nature, hurt your future or the future of others. Be respectful. We are all on a journey. 

There will be trying times. I am not a serene being. I am not perfect. I know that I will reflect too closely on what others say. I will dwell on negative thoughts. I will be effected by the bad things. 

You know what? I can also grow past it. With time and patience I can be better than yesterday.

This is my philosophy. Be kind and enjoy this time of year as best you can.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.