Real Tasmanians Camp In November

The November long weekend feels like the first opportunity to camp as we head into summer. Nearly every year we go to Stanley Caravan Park, nestled under the magnificent Nut and surrounded by the most quaint and historic town. Every year we come to camp here we find new things to do. The caravan park is decent and the people that run it are always friendly. Stanley is only a 40min car trip from our house and makes the most perfect short getaway.

My new thing to do this camping trip was to sit inside a caravan and feed an 8 week old baby. One thing about the location is that we have never been able to get TV reception. I took my laptop and DVD in preperation for the feeding sessions.

If you have been to Stanley then you know that it doesn't take much 'weather' for it to be a LOT of weather. The Nut and the town of Stanley jut out into the ocean away from the mainland of Tasmania and cops the weather from all sides. Last weekend we weren't to be disappointed and the weather was in fine form. The wind was incredible and all the four seasons appeared throughout the day. I lasted two nights in the caravan before I bailed and spent the last night at home with the little guy.

We don't just camp, we Glamp. Proper camping in a tent sleeping on the ground just isn't for me, especially in Tasmania. The heater in the van made the small space so cosy. The wind rocked the baby to sleep but I just couldn't take sitting inside when everyone else was having fun outside. I took the photos, above, when it was one of the brief times I got a break. However I literally could not leave the park, go into town or do anything else without risking a baby melt down in the wind.

However if you are a real Tasmanian you participate in some sort of camping on the November long weekend... becasue we are tough like that. Rain, hail or shine we try to tough it out. That doesn't mean it is always a successful trip. One Stanley trip we were flooded out in the van and had to come home, the next we got sunburnt walking up the Nut on the most glorious of days.

Things to do in Stanley if you don't have an eight week old, wind affected baby:
+Walk the Nut
+Go to the aquarium
+Go to historic Handly House and do a tour
+Eat dinner at the local seafood restaurants on the wharf
+Eat breakfast at the breakfast bars in town
+Walk along the forshore on the paved walkway
+Walk amongst one of the oldest cemeteries in Australia
+Bring your boat, cannoe or other water sporting activities
+Go fishing on the wharf
+Go down the road and visit the Liffy falls or the 'big tree'
+Day trip to Smithton, Arthur River, Marrawah, The Tarkine

This is last years post - where we did a bit of the above and has a whole heap more of the kite surfing pictures... and here is last years post about climbing the Nut.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.