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It seems I have had some creative time inbetween baby over exposure. I have been desperately trying not to let my lack of making get to me. I feel so useless when I can't make stuff, I actually had a little cry the other day after being stuck in my chair feeding for days and couldn't even get a hand free to make. It was nice to find images of things I had made and seeing that I had been creative at some point in the baby haze.


 #Baby Boys Bedroom Bunting
Rounded design rather than the traditional points. Binding ribbon the same as used on the Baby Boy Quilt. I used quilting cotton bought from spotlight on the front and some white calico on the back.
# Bob the boyfriend - Knitted Doll
Knitted from the pattern In the book "Knit your own boyfriend" by Carol Meldrum
I have little knitting skills - if I can do it then so can you. I used the basic pattern in the book and I have yet to dress him. I was thinking of giving him to the new baby so I may leave off the clothes until he is bigger and they pose less of a chocking hazard.

On instagram I found a few hash tags relating to this book but I was the first to post an actual made doll. This got me thinking - is the concept of knitting your own boyfriend more appealing than the making? Has anyone else made themselves a boyfriend? I would love to see it.

I adore the tag line on the front of the book "knit2tog4eva"
 #Graeme Dolls
In a sewing box I found all these dolls cut out and seams sewn. All that was left to do was to stuff and put them together. I found two original sized Graeme dolls - the last of their kind. I am still lamenting not being able to find the original skin fabric. It is so beautiful and textured but those are the joys of using op shopped materials. I call this forced originality.

I have been trying to put together a site to start selling my items online again. It is taking some time but I hope to have it up and running soon. These dolls will be amongst the first items I put up there.

#Mr Fox - Softie
I made this fox using a body borrowed from my Graeme and my original fox head design. I made his jacket from a blanket off cut. My daughter said he looked weird but I think that's what makes him quirky and unique.

#And may the crafting gods forgive me - I have been 'scapbooking' uggghh. 
 To be precise -  I have been organinsing photos of the kids into books with pretty papers and memorabilia...yes that sounds like scrap booking. Oh the shame.

#I got out in the garden and spent an hour pulling weeds. I got up a sweat and it felt good.

#Perhaps it's all the time I have been sitting and thinking without the ability to make but lately I have felt the need to paint again. I have some ideas I am bursting to try. I would like to explore a path I tried briefly years ago but never fully followed though. Hopefully I have something to share with you on that soon.

That felt good writing all that stuff down. I feel much more accomplished than I did at the beginning of this post.

Tell me about your making? If I cannot 'make' myself then I can manage a hand to use a devise to look up making. Please let me stalk your stuff and leave me a comment :)

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.