Baby Boy Quilt

When I had a little girl I was disturbed by the amount of pink involved. I feel the same way with blue and boys. I am not really into gender colours en-mass. Some blue and some pink are fine but I cannot deal with the colour washing of children.

Prior to giving birth I started making this quilt for the new baby. However due to my roundness I was unable to finish it becasue I couldn't get on the floor to iron and sandwich the layers together. I struggled with what colour to use in a quilt for a boy but was inspired by a quilt I saw in a store. It was nice to realise I didn't have to limit the new baby boys quilt to blues or greys. 

I feel like the colours in this quilt are of a 'circus' palette but obviously the colours are mainly primary tones. On one side I used a blue from spotlight and made a large cross. I blanket stitched the edges on my sewing machine (not by hand) and appliqued it on top of the white calico rather than piece it together in a traditional quilting technique (call me lazy - I don't care- it worked and didn't pucker ... thank goodness!). On the second side I used the same blue in a strip down the centre and some red and white stripe at either end that I found in my stash (probably thrifted but new). Inside the quilt sandwich is a up-cycled woolen blanket and the edges are bound in yellow.

The quilt is simple in nature and was an easy project but I feel it will perfectly compliment the grey feature wall in his newly painted room, adding a pop of well needed colour. 

I have some fabric to make some bunting and some curtains to hem and then the little man will finally have a room of his own (not that he will be down there for a while yet).

When I finished decorating the room I will make sure to give blogland a tour. What have you been making lately?

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.