Oldina is a place near my home and a place close to my heart.

It is a pine forest open to the public. Its appearance changes with the intermittent logging for the forestry and the re-growing of the pines for the future.

It is not a 'nice' place. It is damp underfoot, it is chilly under the shade of the looming pines and often looks desecrated by either the forestry operations or by the hoons on their motor bikes. It is always cool beneath the pines on the hottest of summer days.

Still this place warms my heart. The memories of the many times spent, the smell of the needles under foot and the exploring that I did here as a child.

To one side is a steep looming hill. In my youth it was covered in huge pines and was a regular achievement to reach the top with your friends or youth groups. Along the way you would slip, slide, brace yourself against trees to catch your breath and find forts left by others.

In the BBQ areas by the river I hear ancient voices of sausages being cooked, laughter and a spot of light camping on the most Australian of days.

There are secrets hidden amongst the trees and memories that can now only be treasured. The pines hold my thoughts, wishes and desires as I walk through the imposing giants of trees. Memories that only I can capture in my head. Fleeting moments and thoughts that link my authentic Tasmanian self back to this place.


I captured these images with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 that I am currently trialling. I went to this space to capture this story of memory. 

I was intent on using and mastering the wifi remote function of this camera. Before I left home I downloaded the free app that connects my iphone (also works on an iPad) directly to the camera. I set up my tri-pod and camera and within a matter of seconds I had connected my iPhone to the Olympus camera. In the field I used the remote function within the app to stand away from the camera and take the shots. I can't imagine how invaluable this function would be to the fashion blogger or the photographer taking a long shutter exposure without outlaying the extra expense of buying a camera remote.

I seem to never appear within photos as I am always the one behind the camera, however with this remote function I did manage to take my own portrait. The remote allows you to control all functions as you would on the camera body itself, all whilst viewing exactly what the camera is seeing directly on your screen. Now that's pretty cool.

The second amazing thing about the wifi function was how easy I could import my proper DSLR photos to my phone. With my current obsession with instagram I would buy this camera just so I could import my photos directly to my phone and edit them through my apps. 

As far as my coveted iPhone has evolved it still lacks in its picture taking ability. You can imagine how much the quality of your instafeeds will increase should you use the wifi function on the Olympus to import some proper DSLR photos.

These functions are not hard to master. Installation is easy and so accessible to even the most novice of technical types. You can see by the photos I have taken (above) that after a light play around with my in-phone apps you can create some pretty amazing images...and fast. All without cords or carting around a ton of computer equipment. This gives new meaning to editing on the run.

This is a bloggers camera. Its portability, its size and its quality all give it huge ticks to those wanting to increase their skills and online professionalism.

You can follow the other bloggers trialing this camera by searching out the hashtags #myfamilylens and #VoicesOf2014. It has been fantastic to watch everyone explore their cameras and what they can produce. It's also nice to see everyone's experience so far, its worth your time to take a look at what is being produced.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.