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It is  with pride that I say things are getting all cultural in our regional coast of Tasmania. It is soooo nice to see arts being made and shared within the community.

Most of the arts in this region is still conducted at a grass roots level and supported by those that are the most passionate about the arts. It's unfortunate that the government and higher bodies STILL do not see the benefit of arts in supporting isolated regional people and the health and well being of its populations. It is a never ending battle and one that is completely undervalued in the community. I do not know ANY other expert in their field that is constantly asked to work for free. It is frustrating.

After that little vent I'll go back to the original intention of this post.

Last week I went to Wynyard High's production of 'To the beat of a different drum'. A completely original production supported by the ever innovative crew of Big hART. The sets were beautiful and the students had created most of the choreography themselves. These kids are so lucky to have a company like Big hART supporting and encouraging them.

I was so proud of their production but left feeling a bit sad that this year I had not been involved. The last production (you can see here and here) was an amazing thing to be a part of and those are experiences you can't forget.

Secondly this weekend I am attending Marist Regional Collages production of 'Bats'

This production is performed by my former students and I have been witnessing the lead up to this event prior to my maternity leave. I am very intrigued to go and watch them perform.

As I knew I would be leaving the school before the opening I limited my participation to things I could get done before I left. I was asked to design this poster for them and the little graphic designer in me had great fun in co-ordinating all the fonts and images to be used in all the media produced after this.

The other project I completed around the Bats production was to get my photography students to pose for portraits in class. We then worked on turning their images 'Gothic'. They had so much fun manipulating each other, learning how to add masks, stamps and incorporated some other images in the process. I was so impressed with some of the outcomes. The final images were framed and put up in the sets backgrounds and will decorate the foyer of the theater.

Lastly this exciting thing is happening in town.

The Runcible Ensemble is a project started by my friend and cool cafe owner Lisa, who is drama teacher trained and is into 'words'. It is a modern and contemporary alternative to the various musical and traditional 'word' groups in our area.

Although I am not a 'word' person I really wish her much success with this new venture. It is so nice to see innovative people seeing a need in the community and stepping up to fill the void.

It is often assumed that the people involved in these things are 'given' opportunities. I can tell you from experience, NO ONE gives you anything in the arts world. NO ONE will come to your home studio and beg to buy your art work - NO ONE will knock on your door and give you paid art work. All of these things happen becauce the passionate people get off their butt and either promote themselves or make the events happen. 

These are the people that I most admire.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.