Blanket Vest

I do believe the novelty of 'lets pose for Mummy' is wearing off.

I made this hooded vest out of a woolen blanket and lined it with some fabric I found at Vinnies. Except for the toggle at the front the whole thing is completely upcycled.

I drafted the pattern for the vest body from a vest she used to wear all the time as a wee one. I added extra length through the shoulders, sides and length. The hood was the same pattern that I used for the Woolen Coat. Should I do it again, I would make the front panels a lot bigger for a proper cross over (and I think I will).

I managed to sew the leather and blanket sandwich (for the toggle) with much persistence on my sewing machine. A task, for the blanket coat, I had to complete by hand. I'm sure my machine hates me.

I top stitched the front of the vest (right up over the hood) with one of those fancy stitches on my machine. White cotton on cream blanket is subtle but so very pretty a finishing touch. Another task my machine must resent me for making it perform.

I do believe I will have to make me a grown ups version for camping. I think I might even add a touch of embroidery to mine for extra loveliness.

*** This was my 600th Post!!! I can't believe I have that much to ramble on about. Thankyou to everyone that reads about my makings. I heart you xxx***

These photos were taken on the Olympus OM-D E-M10. I do believe the more I use this camera the more I am liking it. Its portability and clarity of image is just stunning.

One of the main things I have had to get use to was the difference between what you were seeing in the view finder, what you were seeing on the screen at the back of the camera and what the final outcome actually was. To be honest it kind of did my head in for a while. I guess the 'unsureness' of capturing a correct image was worrying to me. 

I have started trusting the camera to capture the correct image if all the settings are saying it is fine.

Another thing I found interesting was when using the view finder to take the photo you will notice that it adjusts and accurately shows you if the final image is under or over exposed. A tool I do not have on the DSLR I own.

You can follow the other bloggers trialing this camera by searching out the hashtags #myfamilylens and #VoicesOf2014.

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