DIY Girls Birthday Party - Pt Two

In my first DIY floral girls birthday party post I showed you some cheap decorating ideas for the party table. In this second part of the DIY girls floral birthday party post I thought I would share with you the invitations I made up in the same modern floral theme.

I was lucky to come across this very generous free printable from The Creative Monster in a beautiful floral illustrated picture that fitted my ideas perfectly. You should have a look at her other freebies where you will also find the PDF version of the full pictures above - she is very generous with her designs.

I created the invitations for a 6th birthday party in Illustrator. I have included single versions of the heart and floral circle motif just incase you want to replace the number on the invitations I pre-created with a different number or make up your own version inspired by the ones above.

You will need to fill in your own details on the invite - for example on the front cover You are invited to (insert child's name here) and the party details after the when, where, time, and RSVP.

All the fonts I used in this project are also free to download on line. The fonts I used are as follows:
The A4 version, above, I used by printing out the template, cutting up the separate squares and placed on some blank cards then securing them with some washi tape and glue. The long version, I imagine, could be placed on some white card and glued on. I used the long version as a electronic invitation to send to those that the post would not make it to.

I hope this helps someone out. Please let me know if you have any trouble with the links above. In my next post I will be showing you some free printables and craft ideas I used in the party itself.

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