DIY Girls Birthday Party - Pt Three

For the third part in this DIY floral themed girls birthday party series I am going to share with you some activities to do during the party.

We had the normal birthday party games like pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey and a minty lolly wrapper game I re-invented from a car trip game to a party game.

My girl is very into craft and making so I thought I would attempt some actual craft activities during the festivities. I wasn't sure how the kids would take to it as its not really a 'usual party doing'. I didn't force the kids to partake in the making but just set up a table with the craft on it to the side of the main area. 
Unbelievably some of the kids made the things and most of the others at least had a go at drawing. I am not sure if it was because the party was mostly attended by girls, if there was a lack of sugar consumed or with the availability of quieter activities I feel that the party was surprisingly calm and gentle. My girl does not like being in big loud groups or frantic activities. I often find her shunning those times when I pick her up at after school care. Perhaps she just chose a group of children to attend the party that are much like her.

In the craft area I set up paper, pencils, scissors, printouts (below) and paper brads all ready for the action.

I had been pinning printables for a while and thought this was a fantastic opportunity to finally print some out. The printables are all free and would have been better printed on some stiffer card rather than the generic A4 paper I used.

The first printable is from Playful learning and the  fox and deer are part of a table top theater set.

The second printable is available from Appracadabra Printables and even though I printed these mainly for the strong man there are a few others in this set which are just as lovely.

The third printable was less for the kids and more for adding extra party decorations, however you could use them where ever you like. These beautiful water colour birds  would look amazing hanging amongst the ceiling flowers and are available from Rebecca's Misc.

Unfortunatly I ran out of time to cut these felt flowers but I feel that if you were looking for another flower based activity I would have totally tried this one out. It would have been great for all the children to make their own flower head band inspired by the parties floral theme. You can find two versions of this activity one here and another here. 

The best thing about these activities is that there is no messy glue or paint to control, no children sent home with ruined clothes and no resentful parents. All the actives could be completed by the six years old's with minimal help from an adult. What more could you ask for?

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