DIY Girls Birthday Party - Pt four

This is the last post in my series of DIY Birthday party posts celebrating the sixth birthday of my little girl. I really hope you have found inspiration in my posts to create your own floral themed girls birthday party. I hope that I was able to show that children's birthday parties do not have to be stressful, expensive or (my least favorite thing) tacky.

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As a part of each birthday celebration I try to make something to give that is completely handmade. It's not all about the plastic and the made in China toys in our house. 

This year I decided she could really use a new winter coat. When she was little my friend Claire made her a winter coat out of recycled blanket which lasted her for years. The blanket material means that the garment is long wearing and so very warm, a must in a Tasmanian winter.

I used a pattern from the 1978 Children's Wardrobe book written by Ann Ladbury and Designs by Sally Tuffin. I found this book in pristine condition, all patterns uncut and a bevy of simple designs that can be transformed for today's fashions. I used the traditional Duffle Coat pattern and cut the pattern from a beautiful cream woolen blanket and the hood lining was a fantastic shirt I picked up in an Op shop and saved for just a project like this. I left the blanket edge as a feature on the pockets and along the bottom of the coat.

The photos I have taken for this post were completed on the Olympus OM-D E-M10. I was very fortunate to be offered the loan of this camera as a part of the Voices of 2014 program. I will be trialling this camera for a two more months so expect to see some more photos coming from this little beauty.

The photos above have very limited 'after editing' applied so you can see the quality I am getting from this compact, yet professional camera. I left the photos 'clean' in this series so that you can get a true idea of what to expect from the camera in its most raw form.

In the next posts I will be exploring the cameras more technical features such as the intriguing Wifi transfer and remote capabilities, and the interesting Art Filters that are conveniently already a part of the camera functions.

I am a fan of the compact nature of this camera, it is very easy to carry around with you in your handbag, yet still has the performance capabilities of any normal DSLR. I could imagine that anyone from a world traveler, a professional photographer or a photo snappy mother would be happy to have this camera easy to hand without the bulk of carrying around a normal sized DSLR camera.

The past week or two I have been spent learning the features of the Olympus OM-D E-M10 so I can't wait to take my new skills further in the next posts I complete. I have been teaching photography this year to high school and college students and I have trialled quite a few different brands of cameras however this is my first experience with the Olympus brand. So far I have not been disappointed and I hope that I can adequately share with you the features of the Olympus camera. If you are in the market for a new camera then please keep an eye on my next few posts.

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