Fence Paling Bird House

After our recent garden dismantling (read:ripping apart) The back wall I had rendered appeared once more. With no plant life to hide it, the poor wall looked very bare. During the makeover we had disturbed some nesting birds amongst the reeds (which held up our make over for a couple of weeks till they grew up and moved out) and so I was inspired to DIY some fence paling bird houses.

I gathered up some palings out of my collected pile, a round hole cutter that connects to a drill and some medium sized branches that had fallen from the gum trees.

I made the three bird houses in one afternoon and because I did not have a pattern it was a bit hit and miss. However the beauty is this also meant that each bird house was different.

Now I don't expect some poor little bird(s) to want to take up nesting in my houses but I do think they make a rather fine addition to my revealed wall.

Some notes on making your own recylced paling bird house:
  • Drill the hole on the front first prior to assembling the bird house
  • Beware of hole driller as they have a tendency to grab and cause injury (a lesson not learned after multiple bruises)
  • Use small corner pieces on the inside to drill into and stabilise your structure
  • Screw the perch onto the front of the bird house as your second job
  • Add a bottom and a roof that protrude past the main piece for protection and character
Other than those few words of advise I suggest you just go nuts. Oh I do love me a bit of building.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.