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We had another great year in the garden despite my lack of bloggy garden posts. It doesn't matter how long you tend to the veggies there is always something new to learn.

Lesson one: A few years ago we gave up on growing corn. We blamed our lack of success on the fact we could water very little on tank water. I discovered through some internet trolling that in fact our  failure was not planting the corn in blocks. Corn MUST be planted in blocks rather than rows so that they can pollinate each other successfully. Sometimes it does pay to follow planting directions ...they are there (I guess) for a reason.

Lesson two: I finally got some heirloom varieties of Kale to take. Kale tastes stronger than your normal leafy green and I feel it is a cross between a leafy green and broccoli or maybe asparagus. It's also very yum.

We also had success with
+lettuce varieties

Failures this year include tobacco plants (for pesticides) and  the grape vine was a little lack lustre. The Indian runner ducks proved again what crap mothers they are by killing every single one of the ducklings. By the time I saved the remaining ducklings it was too late - very sad face.

The weather has been hot with plenty of rain making this a good growing year. I am now preparing myself for the onslaught of ripe tomatoes and huge batches of this years relish. Bring it on.

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