All Grown Up


So it seems I have abandoned you my blogging friends. I am very sorry. I will not make promises for this to improve I will only say that I will still be blogging intermittently whilst I start the grown up part of my life.

I am going into my third week of teaching full time and other than the obvious tiredness and lack of time to blog its fair to say that I feel I was born to this job. I was extremely nervous on the first day/ lessons but thankfully I realised very quickly that I just had to get on with things and I didn't have time for the nerves. I'm still settling in and finding my way. I am by no means an expert but luckily I am an eager learner. The school is great (though large and a bit "maze like" - I swear places move about the school in a harry potter like fashion), my colleges very helpful and I have a proper pay packet for the first time (I actually bought clothes that weren't from Vinnie's).
So now to share with you something bloggy and beautiful. Just prior to starting my fancy pants new job I was manically trying to de-clutter the last bits of the house. Unfortunately that usually means a trip to the tip where in tune to my personal style I bought home more clutter. I think, however, the above picture of this most amazing chair will justify returning home from the tip with more stuff. This King Louis chair has been dated to the late 1800. The tapestry is shoddy and aged, the wood work immaculate and the feel of sitting in it is nothing less than regal. Sigh ...isn't she beautiful.
So till next time my lovely bloggy friends - stay safe and I hope to see you all again sooner rather than later. x

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.