The Falls Festival Marion Bay 2013


This year for NYE I went to The Falls Festival at Marion Bay Tasmania for the very first time. The falls festival at Marion bay is set in the most idyllic of locations and the organisers should be completely proud of themselves.

After my last bad music festival experience (MS Fest) I wasn't really keen to attend another. I dreaded the lines, the disorganisation and the drunk teeny boppers pissing me off. I had a terrible feeling that I was far too old to be camping for three days in the Tasmanian weather surrounded by huge crowds. The Falls was the last "event" I had to tick off my to do list and I was really just hoping it wasn't too awful.

After arriving we waited about an hour to get in the grounds (not too bad) followed by finding the BEST camp site ever, setting up in record time. The toilets were close and we could see the top field stage from our camp chairs. We assisted some city folk in setting up their tents (who became our adopted kids for the festival) and headed on in to organise our drinks tokens and wrist bands. 

Over the next three days we experienced arts, music, gourmet food, short drinks and toilet lines. The festival was probably the most relaxing yet fully packed three days of my life. The people were friendly, the teeny boppers were minimal and everyone was dressing just right for the occasion. I didn't get sun stroke or rained on once. I could not keep myself exclaiming about how amazing the event was organised and presented. I loved the festivals ethics and the way in which we were left alone to enjoy the festival rather than being watched like a hawk by beefy security.

The only complaint I had was one bad food choice and having to endure possibly the worst set of music I have ever seen performed (everyone say thankyou to MGMT). I am not sure whether to blame the organisers for putting MGMT on at a "party" time slot or for the band just being generally rubbish at live music. . . Talk about nearly ruining NYE.

I can't even express how impressed and grateful I am to have attended this festival. A big huge thankyou to Marion Bay Falls peeps and my beautiful friends who made life so easy. At least Christmas present shopping will be easy for me from now on - one annual falls ticket please and thankyou. So till next year Marion bay - I'll be counting down the days.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.