Make Over Your Back Yard...

A couple of weeks before Christmas this was my back garden. A garden planted in haste for our upcoming wedding and economically dived from a few pots of reedy things. The "sleepers" were untreated pine given to us free from a friend. We knew it wouldn't last for ever and was a great filler for a poor couple plowing what little money they had into a wedding.

The reeds grew to an unexpected height and the back yard was so dark and dingy. It was a jungle out of control. Hiding behind the reeds is a blue wall I had hand rendered and a pond featuring a pot I had made in a ceramics class at University.

For two days we worked removing two of these reedy clumps, it was back breaking. The second day the tractor was brought in to rip out the rest (Task completed in record time). A birds nest was found at the back of the pond and the back reeds in the pond were left till the almost grown bird had flown away.

The blue wall was revealed, the pond was found. New sleepers were arranged, small rustic birdhouses out of old fence boards were made. Pallets were placed at the back of the pond act as a trellis for a native vine to grow on. Fairy lights draped everywhere and solar garden lights push into the ground. At night it twinkles and through the day we now have amazing light and a fresh feel. I planted a range of succulents and kept a few of the smaller reedy plants, mondo grass and the palm(?) trees. A small row of pavers were added in front of the sleepers giving the garden a lovely edge.

I have one more Japanese Maple Tree to transplant there in winter. I want to create some art pieces to add to the blue wall and then the all I have to do is wait for the plants to mature.

I have time to wait ....and now I want to wait in this is a pleasant place to be.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.