Bay of Fires - Tasmania - Glamping

We waited for the weather to improve before heading to the Bay of Fires to camp. This camping trip we were lucky to be accompanied by two other families and although not housed in a caravan park we were far from roughing it with our fancy new battery pack and big white camping van. The battery pack means that we can camp comfortably anywhere for at least five days and not be restricted to caravan parks. We can camp where we please, we can light camp fires and there will be no one telling us to keep the noise down at ten pm.

We found a spot that all three families could occupy. We could hear the beach from our spot and we listened to the surf as we went to sleep. Bliss.

The downside to free camping is that the camp was made up of that black sand, it was awful and infiltrated everywhere. I estimated it took roughly a week to get it off our feet when we came home. However a swim in the sea was a great way to refresh and the town of St Helens had showers to freshen you up. Some towns just know how to cater for free campers.

We spent days on the beach and laying about in camp chairs. Meals were a shared affair and didn't lack for quality. I spent a night trying out long exposure techniques (photo below) in preparation for teaching photography this year. I was hoping for more of a smoky effect but the light just wouldn't go down fast enough in the peak of Tasmania's daylight savings.

Since returning home I have gone a bit quiet on my blog. I have been trying to get well from a huge gall bladder attack. Apparently I had been having attacks for a while but just assumed it was tremendous back pain. Damn me for never getting these things checked out till they land me in hospital. So I am healing, on the waiting list for removal of offending gall bladder and resting till I start my fancy new job this week. Sometimes it pays not to be stubborn - a lesson I don't think I will ever learn.

So our camping maybe over for this summer, I am not sure I will be venturing far with my huge work load this year. I will look forward to next season and more free glamping with great anticipation. Till next year my summer friend - I will miss you x

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.