Asian Pork Belly Salad Recipe

Just writing this my mouth is watering.
I actually have to stop myself from having this more than once a week - therefore I am sharing this recipe with you in the hope that I can convert more pork belly salad lovers. I can not remember where the original recipe came from as I now know it off by heart and have changed some parts.

The Pork Belly
Preheat your oven to hot (230 C - Mine is a fan forced). Place a dish of water in the oven under where you will rest the pork belly directly onto the oven racks.

Rub your pork belly all over with olive oil, salt and Chinese five spice.

Place Pork Belly directly onto the the oven rack above the water. Cook at this temp for 10-15 mins. Turn the oven down to 160 C and cook for 30 mins. For the last ten minutes turn the oven back up to 230 C to really make that belly crackle.

The Salad
Red cabbage, half a bunch of coriander and spring onions sliced finely are the main ingredients from the original recipe as I remember but I also use carrot, cherry tomatoes and various other salad ingredients dependent on what I have available in the fridge. Another addition which I use as a treat are Asian Crunchy Noodles sprinkled through just before serving.

The Dressing
1 cup olive oil
1 cup soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
3 Tblsp Apple cider vinegar
(Sometimes I like to add balsamic vinegar instead of or as well as the apple cider vinegar - it works really well)
Shake very well just prior to serving as this mixture will split.

To make up: Place salad in bowl. Pull out pork - rest meat - cut up to small pieces - try not to eat too much crackle before you serve it up.  Place meat on top of the salad - shake dressing and pour as much as you please over meat and salad together. In addition you can sprinkle some glazed balsamic sauce over the finished product for extra sweetness.

Please let me know if anyone else gets addicted to this recipe... I don't want to feel so alone anymore ...drool.....

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