Lets get political

I normally get a little bit passionate about the important stuff - but I do try to keep it off my blog and mostly of Facebook as I often cause arguments and impending death threats from some of my views. 

But sometimes you have to call BULLSHIT.

I am more than digusted with Australian politics at the moment, I am digusted with the media and I am disgusted with the way women talk about women.


I believe that the down fall of Julia Gillard was caused by the media.  I saw the tone of the media change IMMEDIATELY that she was thrown from her position. I saw them create drama where there was none and I feel that they created a sense of panic that lead to her outing. My big question is "How do we hold the media accountable?". No wonder people are turning to blogs and other less constructed media to fullfill their newsy needs. People speaking from their hearts and not from underlying motives. I call BULLSHIT on the medias motives and child like questioning. I want answers - facts - not swayed questions. Grow up Australian media and do the job you are being paid for, you are embarrassing yourself.

I believe that Tony Abbot is a looney tune with no actually policy, lives in the dark ages and plays a negative politics game that is swallowed up by the majority of shallow Australia. When did people stop questioning what they have been force feed by the media? When did people stop thinking for themselves. It is beyond plain to see that Tony is playing a smear campaign, is uneducated in what Australia feels and needs and will ultimately stall Australia's future with his one "policy" of copper broadband. He refuses to answer any questions - go on Q & A on the ABC or address any real policy issues on any network or media. I call BULLSHIT on those that cannot question these things for themselves. I also call BULLSHIT on the media not addressing the negative policy game before Julia was outed.


I am calling BULLSHIT on the way I have seen people {mostly women} slag off our prime minister. I saw quotes of "she got what she deserved" and various derogeraty terms. Do people forget this is politics? This is the work they do and the game they play. Do people forget that Mr Rudd did the same thing to Mr Bezealy and it was forgotten a week later?? I mean come on people.

I have been reading many articles about the great work Julia did in her term. It is a FACT that she  has passed more legislation in her term than any other prime internship in history.
I think the one major thing she did wrong is that she wasn't more agressive to those running her down. I repect her courage, I adored Julias and Wayne Swans out going speech, Mr Swans speech was the first political speech that bought tears to my eyes. They were nobel and I for one would like to thank them for their time and putting up with the ridiculous situation they were placed in. I would also like to say sorry for the evil that lies beneath Australian culture. What a dark time in Australian political history.

I have been watching others feel the same shame that I do about the media and making sensible remarks about the whole situation. I also follow this great facebook page because it gives the facts - it does not lower itself to jibes about {big ears/budgy smugglers wearing} Tony Abbot, unlike ALL the Julia pages I have seen. I also love this article about Julia as a woman in politics and the misogyny that lives on.

Can we all just get a bit more classy and a bit less narrow minded? Please - I am sick of being embarrassed and ashamed. Thanks in advance. I will now return to my normal not "ranty" posting....fingers crossed.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.