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I have come across a few great arty links this week and thought I would share them with you.
The first one is an arts photography project in which the entire food for one week and the family it provided for were photographed. The photos include many different nations and cultures.
It was so interesting to see what people ate and how many it was providing for - I was especially interested in how much processed food was eaten by western countries compared to others. It's amazing what we consider "food" these days, what is a normal part of our eating and what nutrition we are providing to our bodies.

Talking of food, last week, I have embarked on the Green Smoothing regime. In which my smoothie consisted of spinach, water, mango, berries and chai seeds. I was feeling good - it was working, then on Saturday I woke up with hives from eating to many berries. Makes me want to go an eat a whole cake - no one gets hives from too much cake.
So itchy.
Go and have a look at the photos HERE.
Now I don't know if its the stalker in me but I found this next one so interesting. This web page shows photos of people suitcases that were admitted to a mental asylum in New York from 1910-1960. There were 400 suitcases found in an attic, forgotten and unclaimed. They are little suitcases of history, ready made time capsules, each have their own story to tell of that person the moment that they were admitted. So intriguing, imagine the stories that could be told from these.
You can view the photographs HERE.

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