When a new special baby arrives in the world I like to make them something from the heart. 

The new parents probably aren't into "home made" and said they had everything - still - I wanted to do something special. I know how much my little girl wiggled out of her blankets when she was a baby and loved using a sleeping bag to make sure she was warm in the cold Tasmanian winters.

I had an old babies sleeping bag to draft a pattern off and it didn't take me long to problem solve a couple of things I needed to work out while drafting. I made the sleeping bags out of lovely woolen blankets and lined them with vintage material.

When ever I make one of something I usually make extra for the market, as in the two above. Itis always easier to make things in a "production" line sense - also I don't usually like to make the same thing twice so you have to strike while the iron is hot and before the boredom takes over.

I think I should make one in adult size - how cool would that be.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.