DIY Hanging Plates

You may know that I am quite fond of Thirfting. Surprised right? On my travels I am always finding the most beautiful orphaned plates and bowls. I had an idea I was going to paint on them ... add to their beauty in a modern way. So far the most I have gotten around to is hanging them on my walls in my kitchen. 

I looked into wall hanging systems and decided that I didn't like the wires hanging out the side of the plate once hung - I wanted the floating look. I found a product online that was a sticky disk perfect for floating plates on walls. However it was going to work out to cost me between $5-8 each plate. Considering I paid between .10c and $2 per plate I thought this was a bit rich. After a bit of researching and Pintresting I found a method to DIY your own plate hangers. I'm sorry I can't remember the original link but it was generally a combination of a few people anyway. I don't recommend this method for your grandma's china, in fact I think this method is so firm it would be hard to take off at a later date but for my purpose it was just perfect.

You will need : Thrifted plates, Hammer, Paper Clips (large), Glue gun and Glue sticks, Felt, Scissors.

Turn your plate over - make sure  the paper clip will be at the top of where you want your design to sit when turned around . Slightly spread the paper clip and then slightly bend forward the top so that you can hang it easier later. Glue gun the paper clip to the back of the plate. I go a bit crazy here as I would hate them to fall off the wall {Note: I have had my others hanging for about three months and they are not looking like budging so I am sure you will be safe}.

To finish off and cover over the glue I cut a scrap of felt and placed it over the glue and bottom of the paper clip. It not only looks neater but may protect your walls from any additional damage.

Lastly place a nail or hanger where you want to position your plate and hang. Easy Peasy and 100 times cheaper than commercial bought hanging systems.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.