High expectations - A caravan story

Remember the home coming of the most beautiful potential caravan in the world? The beautiful vintage van I found at my friends house hidden in the bush - given away by an excited husband grateful to get it off his property.

My last update on the van was after I had spent two days cleaning up the van and looking at its bones to assess the damage... I was waiting on my Dad to advise me on the next step.
Dad arrived and evaluated - I knew in my heart that his proceeding words were true - the van was too far gone for me to complete on my own. Denial happened and stubbornness surfaced - just beacasue I was a girl does not mean that I still couldn't go ahead with the reno's....right??
Reality kicked in - I can't weld - I don't have a shed nor hoisting equipment to lift the van off the frame and I needed loads of professional help. This is something I want to complete myself and the reality wasn't achievable. SAD FACE!!!

So what does a dis-heartened girl do? Trawls Gumtree and stumbles along another van - not in my ideal 'era' but quite beautiful in her own way - with achievable repairs and tows to my house without the aid of a tow truck.
Meet my new van - apparently a Chesney 1972 {but I actually thing late 60's} but I cant find any evidence to support that. She has a lot of work to go but I can see her potential. Colour palettes and designs are already being planned - again I am so excited to start this new project.

On the flip side I now have to get rid of the lovely one sitting at the front of my house so that we don't get known as 'that house with all the caravans" on our street. I'm having a hard time putting her up for sale in hope that I may find another way to bring her back to life...fingers crossed.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.