Sun and Vitamins

 Yes I live in Tassie - Yes it does get hot here - you can't comment unless you have been here in there. 
We are in the midst of a heat wave (just like the rest of Australia) and battling bush fires in our little home state. Currently I am babysitting two loads of poultry to keep them safe from local fires. So far the wind has changed - it has cooled and things are looking up. I want to support the animals in these fires and this weekends market we are running a fundraising event to try to get them some relief. Its the least we can do.

I LOVE summer but the sun does not LOVE me - in the sun my pale freaky skin gets more burnt in our state compared to other states - true story. Other people killed our ozone layer and I literally get sunstroke in less than half hour. It's a bit of a joke in our family that "Mummy" always has to sit in the shade. I have Aboriginal heritage - where is my tanned skin dammit!!!

 My juicing program has begun - I'm not going "hard core" - I'm not trying to lose weight (although if its a side benefit then I wont complain) I just want to eat better. I'm not sure if its my imagination but I already feel a "buzz" about me - it's nice. I already ate healthy before but I feel that the juice is just working faster - concentration of vitamins perhaps.
My first juice was a FAIL - tip of the day - I don't like cucumber juiced and I now know how to operate the juicer properly....winning!

Next post I will be giving away some dry mixes recipes and printables - I have been recipe testing and it looks like I have got them nearly all right and Aussi-fied

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.