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It has begun - my pantry make over. I live out of town {not much but enough} and sometimes I don't get to the shops but apparently for some reason the family wants to be fed EVERY SINGLE DAY! 
Go figure.
 I also want to keep my my home as "clean eating" {popular catch phrase at the moment} and preservative free as possible - get back to the basics of life - get rid of anything "fake".

I came across an idea on pintrest and suddenly it all made sense... Have "mixes" on hand of dry ingredients and simply add wet ingredients to make fast healthy meals.
So I searched....and searched...and searched....
And couldn't find a printable that I could use {and that was free} to make the changes in my pantry. I also should have just created them myself in the beginning - with the amount of time I spent hunting I could have had them finished in the same time.
However I have done them - I created them as I needed the labels. I have included five sets of labels and the sixth is a blank template in case you want to use your own font or have ingredients I haven't accounted for.
Re-labeling and organising my pantry was step one. I have also started on the Dry Mix Labels and recipes but as I have had to "Aussie" them I want to check to make sure they work before I hand them over to the general public - work and experimentation continues.
But for now I have created a set of pantry labels that you can print out for FREE - I know right - that's sexy. 

Simply go to this PAGE{or click on the tab labelled Recipe Mixes}  and follow instructions to print them.

Personally I just cut around them leaving a little white space and {here's the tricky bit} used a glue stick to attach them to all my jars and containers. To keep them a little more "kitchen friendly" you may want to consider covering them in a clear contact as well - I haven't - but I considered it. I also considered buying all matching jars and really make my pantry look fab but I went with an eclectic look and used what I had on hand, mostly thrift shop jars and containers.

So over to you! Go ahead and STEAL - PRINT - SHARE
I would also love to know if you have used them or blog about it - Please :)
Good luck and may the home organisation commence

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.