So I have been a little slack with posting pictures of my creating of late ...oppsy....I would label this blog as a "Making" type of place to hang out - but who needs labels - I don't think I could contain and file my life way into such restrictions anyway.

So an update:
+Graeme Dolls are now in a fab new store down in Hobart called LionHart . The new generation of Graeme's are slightly bigger {featured in the above photo} but he is still totally hip
+I made some new pendants/lanyards/necklaces for the market - and some shaped like little books {below picture}
+I have been doing some custom order dresses {You may remember I said "never again" to custom orders like this - well I said yes - and now I am saying no again}
+And I have been doing quite a few graphic design projects for people - logo's and some work for a band

This year my making will include:
+I sold the majority of the Gretel Dolls at the last market before Christmas so I really must make some more
+More Graeme's
+More skirts and dresses
+I am also pleased to announce my second {third if you include the market} place of selling - Wynyard is opening a artist Co-op store and I am hiring out some space. I plan to put in my skirts and dresses and some Graeme's and maybe some prints.
+I want to make what I want when I feel like it so I will be cutting back on anything custom made. I am feeling that when I am "forced" to create for someone that my natural inclination to create completely disappears and I end up just floundering instead.
+I will be doing some graphics work for people but I will be choosy about what I take on for the same reason as above.
+I also want to focus on THIS project for this year - opening in February for bookings {fingers crossed}
+I will be starting my artist in recency at Wynyard High sometime soon and I am completely excited about it - expect lots of posts.
+Lastly it is my last year of studying to become an Art Teacher so I will be spending a whole heap of time there

That's the plan {aims?} - who knows - it could all change.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.