Dry Mix Printables

What is a dry mix?
A bulk lot of dry ingredients stored in your pantry that you can add wet ingredients too to make quick fast recipes. They are usually a base to many recipes and can save you loads of time - restricts preservatives and can be adapted to your possible family requirements (ie gluten free - nut free).

These recipes have been tested and Aussi-fied. The original recipes usually come from America and you can find many examples on the web. I do not claim the original recipe as my own but the printable and Aussie-fieing of the recipe was done by me. I feel that some are now ready to hand over to the cooking public. I am sharing two of these dry mix recipes for you to print out for free and and start your own pantry make over. I have more in the "testing and developing" stages which I will release soon.

Copy and paste the web address below the picture of choice into your browser and open the pdf - then steal - print - organise and enjoy. I will also be placing the permanent link into the "Recipe Mix" Tab - where you can find the pantry label printables as well. Each dry mix comes with the label for the front of your container/jar and the recipes and mix preparation instructions to stick on the back.

The first mix is a "Brownie" {American I know}. I'm not usually a fan of said brownie but this one I made and it came out really well. Easy - peasy and very yummy.


The second mix is for tortillas - which we use a lot of - for wraps - for pizza bases - to eat with curries....you name it. One tip I can give with this recipe is not to cook the tortillas too long on the pan as they go hard and stiff. If you are wanting them for wraps then this is not ideal.


Now go! Steal!! Cook and eat well.

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