Not all heroes wear capes

Recently I have been busy finishing off Uni for the year - completing my teaching practicum -  my little girl was unwell and ended up in hospital for a few days -  and I have been working with BigHarts at Wynyard high school on their production...just a little explanation {not an excuse} on why my blogging has been lacking. I have posts in my head to write but have not made to the publishing stage.

So I will pick my blogging back up with my current project - The Wynyard High Production. This production will be the pilot in a group of episodes under the larger heading of "WE VOTE SOON". This is different than your normal school production as it will be presented as Web Cast with a live audience. The students will gain greater experience in filming and studio time rather than just the performing aspects of a production.

I have been working with the publicity/graphics team and will move into costumes, hair and make up in the next few weeks. For the graphics we worked as a group to form the final idea and I gave the students some lessons on photo shopping and layout. However due to time restrictions I had to pull the end result together at home. The concept has a "revolutionary" feel to it as that is what these students will be doing as they come into an age in which they can vote.
 I could have spent a whole years worth of lessons teaching them digital skills but alas time is not on our side. However I have another project in the works for next year with these students so fingers crossed the funding comes through.

I feel that this production may take over my life for a few weeks but I am really looking forward to it coming together. The costumes will be inspired by the 80's and "Ziggy" so that could be interesting. I am trying not to let my 80's hate twitch show too much and I am fully embracing the concept {if I keep saying it then it will be true}.
You may follow us on facebook {look out for the web cast} or come to a live performance - either way your support would be appreciated.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.