Make Over Your home

Before - Pine and darkness.
Coffee sack covering and pillow styling


The found retro door to my woman cave - bench seat and bouncing light

Another reno project completed. After 9 years we have finally put a lid on an offending planter box in the living space. All walls within the living space have now been painted white (dirty old pine!!) and the light is bouncing through the house. There is a lovely verander that continues around the whole house but this has always restricted the light entering the rooms -  combine this with pine walls and ceiling - red carpets the house was very dark - dingy and 70's like.

I resisted painting the pine for a long time and I always felt that painting wood was a 'sin' of sort, but not anymore!  I adore my new while walls - bouncing light here - there and everywhere. Funny how  the splash of a little white paint can change how I feel about the home and living within it. It's a great idea to splash some paint around to make yourself feel better.
Unfortunately I still have half a house worth of pine to paint out - sigh.

The planter box never grew anything and was emptied of dirt a long time ago but could not be removed because of the carpet and the wall in which it went through. The solution was to put a top on it - with lift up sides that can be used for storage and a bench seat.  I covered it in old coffee bags as I just love the typography and neutral tones. The rustic look is really working for our country home and yet again my style is changing a little and becoming more personal.

The new bench seat now matched the coffee sack make over that I did on the thrifted stools ..cute! I made some pillows from left over union jack fabric from the rocking chair makeover and coffee sacks. The rest of the cushions were thrifted.

These are jobs that I feel really begin to change our house into our home - it suits our personality and style and I feel (fear?) that there is more reno work to be done yet - let the conforming continue.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.