Ink on Skin

Don't get me wrong - I dont want to be a walking tattoo. In fact at 32 I can claim to have only one tattoo - on my foot - done on a beach in Thailand in a traditional way.
I am super-dooper pleased that I did not ink myself prior to 30 as I had so much changing and growing to do before then. I really believe we don't know who we are till we are older and settled, had I got inked when I was younger I know that I would have detested it now. Hopefully I can convince my daughter when she is older to wait - not to never ever do it - but wait till you know who you are.
I have been searching - for years - to find the right tattoo - there is something about the look of traditional tattoos that I do not like - on me anyway. I did not want to put my own art work on my body as I really don't like my work two years after I have created it. My style changes so fast and I create what I feel is right at the time and within my head space....after that time frame I want it to go away.
So I went searching again and came back only with a sad face. I pinterested the shiz out of google images and decided that I had to put together my own. I started drawing on my arm - taking inspiration from my favorites...

Obviously I drew this upside down - so the writing is a little - um - backwards

Then I went to my moleskin and sketched and coloured till I got a rough outline done...

I included references to art- sewing - gardening - fresh air and summery sunshine.
The motto also allows room for interpretation into future arts and crafts ( I know its going to happen - no point fighting it) it also really encompasses how I like to live my life. Fight the battles that are close to my heart - live what I love and what I am passionate about.

I may have got a bit excited about the size - it is now at the tattoist getting reduced and a few things changed and prettied up. I go back in a day or two to aprove the design and book in!!
Now I am having second thoughts about the postion - what are peoples thought on tattoos on girls fore arms? I kinda like it where I can see it - I dont want it on the top of my arm or infact anywhere else...but is it to dramatic a spot for someone that is probably not going to have many tattoos? What do you think??

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.