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For people that read my posts know that I have been on a personal well being and stress relief program. There are no rules for this program...I kinda wing it Michelle style.
However I feel that that it is time for an update. So far I have:
  • Stopped actively seeking work
  • Retired from the Art Centre Committee and feel like it has now been successfully handed over to the community
  • Sought help with the set up with the market
  • Stopped in the afternoons to rest for half hour
  • Walked 4 kms a day
  • Refined what is going into my body
  • Completed a thorough health check
  • Defined my study days to one day a week
  • Started taking supplements for better mental health
  • Decluttered two more rooms
  • Finished many projects that have been UFOs for far too long
  • I do not watch the news - I live with the world around me and what effects MY life 

So how has this made made a difference?
  •  I feel like a lot of the tension has been eliminated from my body - shoulders mainly. I feel "cleaner" inside and my anger has been reduced (reduced I said - not eliminated)
  • I have room in my life for new projects and feel like I should start painting again (yippee!)
  • I know who my real friends are and I love them with all my heart
  • Forgiven but not forgotten past "friends" - however the lesson remains learned
  • I have been able to say yes to freelance work and other opportunities
  • I have been able to take Miss G to daytime activities she adores
  • I have lost over 6 kgs and still going
  • I feel better about my health by getting a complete check up - the first in 15 years

Downsides - Thoughts:
  • I am struggling to focus on some things but I think this has more to do with lack of routine than stress. 
  • I now also understand that basically everyone in Tasmanian suffers with a vitamin D deficiency and this could be contributing to our high depression rate (facebook people: expect rants on this in my status.). We ALL should be taking fish oil tablets for general well being also.
  • I am poor but as long as I have enough money for thrifting then I am quite happy. Shopping has a lot less importance to me these days. I choose to spend my money on things not made in china.
  • I can't wait for summer to come and I can seriously pursue growing as much of our own fruit and veg. We need to get rid of those chemicals. I want to respect what goes into our bodies especially considering my Husbands illness (in which he is in remission at the moment!).

So there it is - an update. Possibly not everything I am thinking right now but I feel we are getting somewhere.

*All pictures taken on our daily walk - Our foreshore and board walk are a real treat. These winter days have been amazing but unfortunatly they come with cold and frosty mornings....brrr...still bring on summer and camping!!


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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.