A little bit of Industrial Action

   So I have been a bit industrious in the Woman Cave. Four skirts in one day....yeah baby!!
After talking to multiple customers I discovered that a lot more people are comfortable in a skirt rather than a dress. So from now on I will be only making my Tea Dresses to custom orders only (unless I feel the need).
I have a new tunic pattern that I will be giving a whirl (from the Stylish Dress book Vol 2...I have had the book for ages but yet to have a go at any of the patterns). The tunic patterns in there can be multisized and bought in with a belt much like the four leaf clover dress I made a while back.

You see .... I am a bit miffed in my making for others, especially about sewing to certain sizes. People have bought my designs from size 6 through to 18. I just can't cover those sizes in everyone's colours. I would rather people pick a size and fabric and make them to order...however I am happy to make the skirts as they can be sized adjusted so easy and each one is so individual.
I started to make wrap skirts thinking that they would be a preferred design for everyone but all I have sold are the elasticised waist skirts...well I never!! It seems so many people prefer them when they are having a "fat" or even a "skinny" day (apparently skinny days do exist). 

The orange top one and the white one just above have already sold. 
I hope to have a couple more made before this weekend Made With Love Market Bazaar...fingers crossed.

Just on the market note - we have nearly finished the new branding - I cant wait to show you our new look. 
Secondly I have been doing a few other markets around the area and I am finding that there is nothing like the sales you can make at a niche market. I am so grateful that not only do we love what we have created but it WORKS!! People know what they are getting when they come shopping with us and I think that works well for everybody. Getting the right audience is half the battle.

Sorry I have been slow posting of late but Uni is a bit all consuming..... 
BLAH if I EVER study again..you have the freedom to come and smack me in the face.
 So till next time.....

PS - I had decided not to participate in My Creative Spaces any more as I had no prior contact/affiliation with the site it had now moved too ... however I am a bit addicted to doing a weekly post about creating - hard to stop. There is a bit of crafty stalking over there as usual...

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.