Fabric Swapping

A few months ago I joined up with a fabric swap at Maze & Vale. I'm super excited at printing my first fabric and receiving some fabric back in the mail - there is nothing like getting snail mail.

 My swapping partners are from Australia - USA, UK and Canada. I can't wait to see what everyone got up to. Each partner receives a Fat Quarter from each of their partners - mine went off in the mail yesterday and apparently it will only take 7 working days to reach them.

So you can see it was a pretty full on Saturday night in the Woman Cave - my Saturday nights sure have changed.... still I'm not unhappy about it.

I used my lino cuts hoping to do my bird prints on some fabrics but after a few test runs I realised I wasn't getting a consistent result with the print. The usual lino ink did not hold to fabric after washing so I used an acrylic paint with a fabric medium - no sticky sound but I still got the result - mostly. 

I ended up going with a print that I had cut ages ago but never used... I had it planned as an edging for future fabric printing. I used it as a strip on the fat quarters sections and completed three lines leaving the inside of the design as features themselves. The new owners can either use it whole as a pattern or split the strips up to use as an edging on a project - well that's what I would do anyway..not trying to be bossy.

So I the mail they went with a couple of extra presents for them..all finished ...it was fun.
Flicker group of other entries here. I will blog about my swapping partners when I get my goodies in the mail... Oh the wait is going to kill me.


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