Made with Love in May

Yesterday was our May - Made with Love Market
It was freezing and we had so many stall holders pull out. As disappointing (and last minute frustrating{I don't mind cancellations but late notice is not really fun}) that this was for me I managed to pull all our outside stall holders inside - out of the weather. 
We had a lovely time - we always do - my stall holders have to be the most beautiful women in Tasmania. I thought with the weather, as rainy and cold as it was, we would have a very poor turn out in regards to punters. I prepared myself to just have fun with all the girls rather than be run off my feet with customers. This was not the case - thankfully.

We had a reasonable sized crowd and they all seemed to be buying. I met people that had come down to Launceston to visit our market. Perhaps our advertising is working after all.

After careful consideration I have decided to keep managing the market for a few more months. Unlike my art centre retirement I don't feel that the market is self sustaining enough yet for me to step back. I am also afraid of the market being turned over to someone that will turn it into a "contemporary market" or a "baby market". I don't want this project to lose the unique Tasmanian designers feel we have created and enforce upon it a logo that includes a silhouette of a bird on would break my heart.

I love our vintage feel - I love our designers - we are a cosy community of amazing women.

We are working on some new branding - I feel we are really trying to capture our vibe through our logo and design image.
I want it to be Tasmanian - I want it to represent us.
Our first logo was completed in haste and I feel we are ready to become "grown up" and represent the maturity that we have grown into and earned by our achievements - I can't wait to revel it to you.

So thankyou again to all our supporters - thankyou to Naomi for yet more beautiful photography - thankyou to all our amazing designers and last but not least thankyou to Claire for all your help.

Please feel free to pop over to our facie page to view the complete set of images from this months market.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.