Nannas Been Holding Out


It really is true - Nannas have all the good stuff. They dont even realise they have all the good stuff - the stuff we scower the op shops for - the stuff we fight our friends to get too - the stuff that they find no value in, yet we praise and show it off on blog land.
Unfortunatly my Nanna is moving out of the only house that I have known her to live in. My Pa had a stroke on my birthday over a year ago. Nanna is  finally over all the work the large house brings and being away from Pa has driven my Nanna to move closer - true love I'm sure. They make it seem so easy...sigh.
However this is a very sad event for me - I love that house - so many memories. I was preparing for it but yet I still don't want it to happen. My Mum warned me that Nanna was having a garage sale and with Mum being interstate suggested that I make sure Nanna wasn't flogging off family memories or things that I liked to complete strangers for two bucks.
I popped in the night before the sale and found so many goodies - I am pleased I made it there. Even my family doesn't seem to understand my collection - they are not interested in it themselves - which is fine by me as I get all the good stuff. I wish I had more space to bring more of it home but I was very happy to get the things I did. I forgot to photo the crockery and pinnies but most of what I took home is in this post. The portable record player (above) was my favorite item. It plugs in and plays beautifully, I have already started building my record collection. If anyone can suggest some funky records to invest in let me know. The rocker chair (also above) was made by my pa when he was 18 but unfortunately, pending a divorce, I do not have the room for more furniture.

Above is my Nannas beloved organ. I would not know what to do with it so it also stayed at the sale but I remember playing on this so many times as a youngster - I am sure I would have made a mighty racket. The beaded clown toy came home with me, It was my uncles when he was a baby. I can see a home for it in my nearly finished sewing/art room. That room needs a better name....


I also bought home this cute little cupboard that used to reside in our play house now destined for the crappy named room shortly. They two little green "sewing boxes" are apparently over 100 years old...well I never. Lastly I will show you my Grandmas suitcases. I gasped when I saw them there - Nanna looked at me a bit funny but there is no way in hell I was letting her flog those off. I am grateful to Nanna for generously letting me bring all this stuff home and loved that she told me the story behind each of the items - it means the world to me.

It seems that maybe I should stop op shopping and attend garage sales - thems is where all the bargains are at. Too bad they are so bloody early.

Playing along with Sophie again today.

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