A little bit of a Plug..

People that read my blog can tell that I don't do the advertising thing - That is unless I do actually agree/like with the product. My blog is after all just a personal account - a diary of what I make and other nonsense I choose to write about. Personal opinions only. I don't have a schedule of blog posts to stick to - I answer to no one - and I like it that way. However I am about to talk about a few commercial products - Garnier is not paying me or forcing me to write this - personal opinions only remember...

Not so long ago you may remember that The Art Centre received $1000 grant from Garnier and I got flown to Melbourne by Garnier for the most fabulous weekend. Well part of that treat I also received a lovely package from Garnier to treat myself!

Out of the pack I have found a few new favorites - it seems that everyone is raving about the BB Cream and I was also wrapped with it when I tried it. Since giving up hairdressing I don't tend to wear much foundation - preferring the natural look. If your the same then this product you MUST try this cream (reasonably priced from most supermarkets). The product is a skin perfecter - light foundation and sunscreen....a great all rounders especially for our Aussie sun. I think I may even start lecturing those gorgeous young ladies that pack their face full of thick, powdery foundation (one of my most hated beauty mistakes besides yellow/orange hair and drag queen eye shadow). If you have young skin - let it breath - let it glow and protect it from the damn sun!

My next favorite is the roll on concealer - its great for those darker areas just under your eyes - it blends easy and is light - yet again no powdery solid foundation look here. 

I love getting in the shower first thing in the morning and washing your face - I have tried MANY different washes and never really settle on whether I like one with an exfoliate or not. The Clean Detox face scrub is great because it only has a light exfoliate and leaves your skin lovely and clean with out too much dryness. I will be buying this again when it runs out.

Lastly I love the Repair Night cream - it soaks in really well - not greasy afterwards but still gives your face a lovely moisturising. I am fussy with my face creams so it was with pleasure when I used this one. It comes with an indicator to measure your eye line improvement but since my eyes don't really have any yet (not bad for 32!!) I can't really do the test. However I have noticed an improvement in a little hole in my face left by a pimple..which is fantastic - lets hope it gets even better after the 28 day trial.

Really though these products are very reasonably priced and good value - trust me I have bought so many over the years and if I find something I like I will stick to it - and these four will be permanents in my home.

In my pack they did send me lots of other stuff but I thought it was best to only share those I was in love with. I was really hoping to find a hair product from Garnier that I loved but unfortunately I was sent only straightening products and since I don't straighten often they are a bit useless to me. Its not that I don't like them I just wont use them more than four times a year...my hair needs a more moisture and control product for a daily use. I did buy a Garnier wax (made for boys I think) and that's pretty good but not exactly what I'm looking for..the hunt continues. Now that I am getting to the end of my hairdressing product I need to find something that fits more into my budget these days...dang it.

As far as our grant money is concerned - we haven't spent it yet. The approval will be going through at the next meeting. We are looking at buying as many quick set up gazebos as we can squeeze out of it so that our paved space at the front of the centre can be be used more effectively especially for our designers market stall holders. We are also looking into a coffee machine (maybe out of our budget unfortunately) or some plants and mulch to pretty up the garden. It has been a positive experience for the art centre...so again, Thankyou Garnier - for looking after me and my grass roots project.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.