Touring Pt 3

Whats staying in Hobart with out a trip to MONA. This was my second visit and this time there were new exhibits. I don't recommend going with a three year old who wants to take off their shoes and eat in prohibited places. We did have fun for the most part and I thinks its fair to say my non-arty Husband enjoyed it too. If your not into art that ok - but still go at least for the building and the food.
I'm not sure if I missed a bit due to the three year old but we seemed to do it in mighty quick time - 2 hrs. I think my favorite part this time would be the pig skin living art - as controversial as it is. There was also the man in-situ who had sold his body and tattoos as art after his death. I'm quite certain his family wouldn't be thrilled about this - seeing their loved one displayed as art after his death - but that's what MONA is - there to shock.

We also played along with the tourists and went to the Cadbury factory. After handing over our entrance money we were each handed a BLOCK of chocolate. Boy did Georgie's eyes light up. Never before have we let her just eat as much junk as she want and sugar is restricted in my house. Lets be honest she has enough "energy" without it. You cant really call this a tour like the days of old but its worth going just to poke about in the seconds and discounted chocolate shop.

We continued our stay at Seven Mile beach and traveled into town from there every day. We only made it down to the beach once due to the HORRIBLE weather but we did score some great shells and flew the kite.  
I'm going to do a post soon with some fab scores I got thrifting. I would nearly go as far to recommend boycotting Op shops in towns and hunt for the Tip oh my what fun.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.