Tassie Devils On Tour

Would you like to come on a little trip with us? We are doing a tour down south of Tassie for two weeks. Its our big holiday for the year in our van. 
Recently I have felt a little uneasy about selling our old vintage van - but i can say now I am overjoyed at the comfort the new van has created.  Without the luxuries in the new van its fair to say we would have been home by now. We have had near 40 deg heat and then pouring rains, we have had poor amenities and scarey caravan parks. Tourism Tasmanian would have to be so disappointed in what the vendors are offering vanners in Tasmania. I am devastated to say mainland Australia shits all over our island state.

SEE!! Omg I nearly died. I have been in this heat before but it never felt like this. Its true to say Tassie heat is - different -.

Our first stop was at White Beach down past Port Arthur. The park was lovely - the area breath taking - the beach was right on our door step. 
F.N. - I don't want to whinge about this part but the amenities in the park were a crazy distance away with no paths to get there. I love my shower and toilet in the new van so so much.

Of course we went to Port Arthur and had a great day wondering about. I also did a  a lot of piggy backing from apparent sore small legs - it was a great work out.

I  loved all the old houses and Instagram was made for this type of day.
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We also spent a morning picking strawberries, gnashies and apples for our self's. It was fab - I just had to put this formation in the punnet - after the picture I ate it with icecream ...nom nom (goodbye Port Arthur workout).

We moved to our next park - in Richmond - The town had certainly changed since my last visit. It felt like they just couldn't be bothered to serve you in the shops - they gave no small town insights when you asked them about local activities ("I don't know I never go walking up the street" - true story told to me with disinterest and a sad face). The other thing that flabbergasts me is the total lack of Tasmanian Arts and Craft. I did see a few designers in the shops - from Melbourne - WTF??

 In the caravan park I was cut we booked in for two nights - the WORST park we have ever stayed in (The bathrooms did not get cleaned while we were there - the sites were dirty gravel - noisy and rough area - many maintenance issues and total lack of all care for the site). We went back to Richmond later to get a special something - that I will show you later...

Next we planned on staying at New Norfolk. We had one look at the caravan park and decided to keep going. We had a brief walk through town and its fair to say I don't think I will be rushing back. Isn't it funny what you think a town is going to be - and then its totally not.
The best thing about about New Norfolk was this amazing shop I found The Drill Hall Emporium. I want everything in there - EVERYTHING. They have a website too but I personally like the blog better.

Free camping is looking better and better.

Next we went down the Derwent Valley - but that's for another post...

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.