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I was extremely lucky to be surrounded by such inspirational women while attending the Garnier Ambassador day. I was also happy to find out that most of  the lovely ladies blog and get right on board the whole social media experience.

Have you ever heard of seven degrees of separation? Well I was sitting next to one particular ambassador, in which, in the IG world we were pretty much sisters. We followed multiple of the same people and yet again I was blown away again about how small our world is with the introduction of the internet, blogging and now the iphone (Instagram).
I don't know a lot of other consistent bloggers in my real life and it was great to see the impact being part of the online social experience was making on them, their businesses and their thinking in general. Personally I don't think I would be in the same headspace creatively without blogging and IG, I cant express enough how un-isolated it makes me feel. I was also grateful to be in the presence of hard working and socially active women. Strong women also make me feel more included. I always feel so self conscious of how much I do. I always play down my "activities" and recently I have found myself completely ignoring parts of my "activities" just to stop scaring people away (plus it takes waaay to long to explain to someone you have just met). I think its useful to have a hand in every pie but there are always those days in which you 1. wish you got paid for it  2. could scale things back to live a less complicated life.
My head seems fuzzy lately - not working has me really unorganized me. I am used to doing all my other "work" around my paid work and now it seems I dabble in everything all through the day and this leaves me frazzled and plan-less.

However this post was not started to be about me or my head - it was meant to be about these lovely girls and their blogs. I think you should go and have a look at their positiveness and perhaps feel inspired, I know I was:

Working Women Australia - As it states, for working women in Australia, great resources and inspirational.
Leigh Morrison  - Great blog for positive inspiration
Lisa Mini Ginger - A lovely blog about kindness and motherhood
Fizzle Out - Project about eating good food. Especially aimed at medical students

And some of the projects:
Precious Hearts 
Icing Smiles
Family Get together  (Closed group but great for the link)
Second Chance Horse Rescue 
"P" Platers Alive

I feel like I have missed out some, I will add more links as I find them - sorry to any of the girls I may have missed but I will do another post shortly.
M xo

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.