Adventures with Garnier

A while ago I was begging for votes to support my grass roots project of the ArtsCape. I was hoping to win a grant from Garnier - which we did. I was so grateful to everyone that went out of their way to click on the link and throw their vote in the hat. The result was of course a much needed win for the Centre. This weekend was the official start to the the Ambassador program.

I was flown to Melbourne - taxied to my boutique hotel The Cullen - popped my bags down then was instantly invited out to tea with a couple for the other Ambassadors. I was thankful to meet some of the others on the first night - Debs and Peta were there for their own projects as well as being a fair bit of fun.

Then next day was an early start with a champagne breakfast at the Botanical - a surprise visit from Natalie Gruzlewski (farmer wants a wife host - who did our interview on film later in the day) - and then shipped to Garnier head quarters to begin some pampering, more food, presentations, interviews and more food.

I was super surprised how hospitable and non-lecturey the team was. When people tell you at the start of the day that the company is more like a family than colleges I tend to be all judgy-wudgy and not believe them. Honestly I could see all of the team working well together, down to earth and very respectful of our projects. I was super blown away by how they looked after us on the day and I am grateful to have had the experience.

I adored learning in more detail about the other ladies and their projects. All of them with so much merit. I am proud to be a apart of it and a little bit pleased the art center stood out as the only art project among them.  I am now more excited to be a  Garnier Ambassador after I had experience with the team, found out their intentions and learning about the other girls.

I am grateful to have been chosen, especially when it comes to my baby - ArtsCape. When I first started the centre all those years ago I really didn't know what would happen to it. Further into the project I realise that the centre is now as important to the art community as it is to keeping the town alive and continuing successful into the future. I never imagined that an art centre in a small town can contribute so greatly to its future. I am forever grateful that the project itself is greatly moving to become more self-sustaining, self starting, embraced wholly by the community and now shown enough merit to be support by projects such as the Garnier Ambassador program. Who would have thunk it in the beginning.

So thankyou Garnier for the weekend and supporting our projects - thankyou ladies for being lovely to hang out and play with - and thankyou Melbourne for having me once more. I am positive this will not be the last time I post about Garnier - I think we have some more excitement to come.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.