Hippy Fest

 On the weekend I attended the Jackies Marsh Forest Festival. This is the second time I had been. It's a bloody good hippy fest, organised by hippies and set in the most ideal of locations over looking the Western Tiers near Deloraine, Tasmania.
The weather was amazing and the energy was fantastic. I took Miss G with me again and she had great fun in the circus tent and creating some puppets in the craft area.

They have awesome food, mostly "hippie" inspired and craft stalls down the side which are also "hippie" inspired. I guess thats why its affectionatly named "Hippie Fest".

I did a little video just before the nights music started on the completely solar panel run stage...have a look if you like... (app. used 8mm)

I do have a few little qualms - the music was certainly not as good as last time I went...I dont think they ever really got the crowd going - also the wait between acts was HUGE this year.
I saw a snake sliding through the camp site as soon as we came through the gate - that was nearly a pull the plug incident for me. I also did not go on the arts trail walk through the bush this  because I was still so scared after seeing that snake...I just couldn't do it.
Miss G was a lot harder to handle this year, last time she was only 1.5 yrs old. Now she is a 3.5 yr old she is well able to voice her dissatisfaction at staying at a late night music festival - as you can see from the picture below. She was not one happy camper.

Oh well - now to wait another two years till the next one - maybe she will be more co-operative at 5.5 yrs old.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.