Ferment and Human Nutrition

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Ferment and Human Nutrition — New cover

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 The first book I have EVER worked on The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition is finally out and for sale to the public. This book has hit cult status because of its rarity and content, it was even fetching $500+ on Amazon. Well no longer will people have to pay that amount...its available for what I consider a great price of $59.95 on the Tagari Website.

We have overhauled the whole book and I am pleased to say we have bought it up to scratch and it looks very professional. Yay go us!! Pretty much the content of the book was handled by myself and another co-worker. We did not however create the front cover — therefore we cant take credit for that, but only that.
As much I have had a love-hate relationship with the process I think this book has some amazing content of storing, preserving and nutritionally enhancing your foods. All done the "old" ways, traditional recipes and good old basic knowledge passed down from generation to generation.
I now have my very own copy...already signed by Bill...lucky me!!

"The wait is over — The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition by Bill Mollison is now available for you to purchase!
This book has been out of stock for a few years and has become a much sort after publication. Ferment and Human Nutrition is back with a brand new look, updated content, photos, illustrations and interior. If you missed out on an older version of this remarkable book then this is your chance to own a copy.
Written by Bill Mollison, it explores the traditional ways of storing, preserving and increasing the nutritional value of foods. Ferment and Human Nutrition contains valuable information and has been collected by Bill on his travels and through vast researching of cultures. The book is compiled into 14 Chapters that covers subjects such as Meats, Dairy, Fermentation, Vegetables, Fish Products, Brewing, Fruits and many useful facts on preparing your life to be simple but effective.
This book will not only be a great addition to your kitchen but to your household. The information is priceless but yet comes from the most basic of beginnings — before refrigeration and often from the folklore of the traditional peoples of this world. It is a pleasure to read and will inspire you to return back to the uncomplicated routines of food preparation, storing and preserving."

You can view the book further on the Tagari Website
Thanks Bill and Lisa for letting me apart of this re-birth of an amazing book.

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