Break on Through...


OOOOO I totally had one of those moments yesterday..those moments when all the sudden you just "get" stuff. I know its been a long time but my old-time readers may remember this quilt that I rescued and had been doing up. The first back of the quilt I attempted turned into its very own quilt and the hexagon one remained "backless". 

A while ago I had a real crack at putting one together and the STUFFED IT UP major. Ok I'll explain but this may get confusing...I borrowed some large letters from Claire that spelt the word love. I had all intentions of making alternating fabrics in a big square that spelt LOVE. Unfortunately after sewing the individual letters on their individual backings I realised I had laid it out in a line to alternate the fabric and when put back in its square shape the colours where on the same sides...FFS!!! I was wild with myself for being so stupid and completely chucked it, refusing to make two new letters to replace the bottom row of VE. Seriously that was a full day of sewing and a lot of wasted precious vintage fabric.

I couldn't believe after looking at it for so long that i didn't figure out the solution earlier...turn the two bottom letter upside down to mirror itself ...TA-DA!!! A solution was found and one i could totally be happy living with. I now have the back to my hexagon/love quilt.

The next moment of working it out in my head I must have room to think about the next quilt project..a proper one for Miss G. That day even without working on the hexagon/love quilt I rushed to the op shop and raided my stash to lay out some new fabrics for her. I really want to make a beautiful quilt that she can cherish for ever. I am thinking of making it inspired by a Dottie Angel look - whites, blue, lace and lots of hand stitched details.

It should be fair to say that we should never need another quilt in our house EVER again. Hee hee well I guess we will see...I never in a million years thought I would do one quilt or know the techniques behind quilting. I promise to show you the hexagon/love quilt when I am sewers have to show off these things you know.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.