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 Its such a long time since i have blogged about my garden. Last year I was shattered by my bad growing season and barely grew any winter veggies. It seems like a lot of people were in the same boat in Tassie.
Frost - Bastard.

This year however is MY year. The year to cut sick and grow as much as I can. I can now safley say that i have planted out my beds FULL to the brim of beautiful organic goodness.

Above is  little picture of one of the tadpoles turning into frogs. I had heeeeaps in the new pond till the day we now refer to as Black Thursday. This was the day the ducks got into the frog pond and near wiped out my taddie population. 
Ducks - Bastards.

It's fair to say my herb spiral has been a success. Ok ...its out of control. My main enemies in there is the mint and the chamomile. 
Chamomile is now my least favorite herb. Seriously it took over my whole path. It has now been mostly moved to under the fruit trees where it can do what ever it wants.


My potatoes are now safe in their own patch and really taking off. Nothing like new potatoes on Christmas day. Till this year i had not planted potatoes for three years. Potatoes seems to be another vegetable that is sent to haunt me. Year after year it kept popping up, at least i was never without potatoes. You might know that tomatoes and potatoes can share the same diseases. Gardeners really should keep the two apart and rotate them on at least a four year system. This becomes hard when you have four main beds and one always contains tomatoes.

So tomorrow I am back to work at Bill Mollison's place and I can't wait to show him a picture of my patch. At the moment I am at the end of finishing off his new potato book {its fair to say i know a bit about potatoes and Bill is forever excited about potatoes}. We are also waiting for Ferment and Human Nutrition to return from the printers. I am super-duper excited that a book i have worked on is about to be released back into the world.

How exciting all this Permaculture stuff is.
Peace be with you and your veggies.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.