a little bit of {Design}

 Its here!! My design work for the Mad Hatters exhibition and an actual paid job for the Tulip Festival this weekend. I have put a few at the WOW building and i will be giving them out at this weekends market. I am so pleased to be able to finally publicly reveal my work...TA-DAAAAA!!
What a mad week of creating it has been...You can see by the photo montage how the booklet opens out to reveal three different areas: the front and back, the middle tree section and the final "poster" that covers the whole center panel. The middle section has some quotes from the Hatters Tea party...not that the exhibition is all about the Hatter but still it fits in. I am quite happy with the results.
The second document was a RAF grant that we received through my arts centre "ArtsCape". It will be handed out to take advantage of the visitors in town this weekend and make sure they  visit ALL the art in town.
I have a feeling i might be quite exhausted on Sunday. Fingers crossed for a massive sell out market this weekend to fund my up-coming holiday.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.