Mad Hatters Exposed

Our exhibition is getting set up on Monday and i am super excited to see it all together and looking complete. This week we got a lovely article in the Tulip Festival Program. The program is delivered about town and was sent out in the coasts rag so i guess it has seen its fair share of publicity.
I am super happy about what they wrote and they seemed to have gotten all the words right, which is lovely. Also it features two of my works so i am pretty happy about that.
Expect a lot of pictures after Monday about the final set up. Its going to look fab.

The article says:
What do a giant crochet teapot, a wall hanging of tea towels and Alice in Wonderland and Mad hatter Dolls have in common?
They are all being featured in the mad hatters tea party exhibition.
The works are predominantly made by a local craft group, who run the well known Wynyard market Made with Love and the group aims to highlight the way in which craft techniques can be used to create art.
Curator Michelle Walker said the Mad Hatters Theme will be reflected throughout the display
There will be tea based pieces with a quirky vintage nature, she said. Mrs Walker said that vintage was a very popular trend for craft at the moment
Vintage is a pretty and feminine style, she said.
And people love it because it is not mass produced and made in China, it is individual.
Mrs Walker said that crafts currency has grown in recent times due to the need for more sustainable living.
“It defiantly has a recycling and environmentally friendly aspect which is important in today’s society.
The exhibition itself is not presented in the typical way. “it is not just a series of art pieces hanging on the wall, but an interesting display throughout the room,” she said. “ It’s a very special event and even non-art lovers will appreciate it.
The exhibition will appeal to people of all ages and interests. Young people will appreciate the quirkiness and older people will appreciate the craftsmanship.

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.