Of course it's original...

Today I painted again. I haven't been confident enough to pick the brushes up for nearly two years. Then there is the sewing, which has taken over my life somewhat.

You see sewing for me was my new crochet. Crochet was my first big crafting love and i sewed on the side. Then I went back to sewing when I realised the immediacy of creating a project. It has taken me a while to get "good" at sewing or to have less mistakes anyway. It seems that I like to learn till I have got the skills under control. I think this takes me about two years of devotion and somehow you get there.

Sewing is a funny business especially in blogland. I love the internet and how it connects us all together but this also means that we are all influenced by the same things. It's a bit like fashion, it comes and goes but there is always a familiar "theme" for the era. Sewing is also limited a bit by the materials at hand, what fabrics and notions you have in your immediate area. Claire and I have had this discussion a lot and it is always about find that "unique" idea. I think we both struggle with finding the "new and unique". ...I guess we all do. I know I love what others are creating and somehow I think we all do put our own "spin" on it.

For example the trend to use vintage sheets in our projects. It has taken off and nearly everyone uses the recycled product not just because we like the nostalgia of the past but because I think it is leaning towards environmentalism as well. Years ago I made a jacket out of a sheet before I had met my beloved Stitch n Bitch girls. At the time I felt slightly coy about the material I had used and only told people under pressure. Recently I dug out the jacket and remembered that I bought it because I loved the pattern on the fabric and the quantity it came in, this made me want to make it into something. Its' nice to see that even though I am totally influenced in my sewing by Stitch n Bitches and blogland the spark of an idea can evolve in all of us naturally if not executed to its full extent without greater influences.

So back to the painting...I was so surprised how naturally it occurred to me today. I really enjoyed it and it didn't feel forced. I feel that with painting you can use the most simplest of tools and create what ever your heart desires without the constraints of  (many) materials at hand. Perhaps I will get back on the paints again after I have finished this work. I hope so, it’s always nice to return to your first love. Plus I really need to start justifying why I NEED a sewing and painting space set up all the time.

How do you approach getting an original idea?

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Michelle Walker is a Tasmanian born creative. An Artist for life, Visual Arts Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Hairdresser by trade and mother to two beautiful children.